Application Management Services

Signature's values:

  • To uphold the dignity of the individual.

  • To honor all commitments

  • Commitment to quality, innovation and growth in every endeavor.

  • To be responsible corporate citizens


Let Signature Technologies free you to focus on your core business.

  •  Are you spending too much time on day-to-day operations?

  •  Would you like to become more efficient and effective?

  •  Would you like to be more efficient at integrating new technologies?

 If you have applications, Application Management Services (AMS) from Signature Technologies can help you focus on your core business - by managing applications reliably and securely, making costs predictable and optimizing your IT investments. AMS includes consulting, technology, and operating services based on the Signature Technologies methodology and quality management.

 Signature Technologies Application Management Services provide:

  • Expert Signature Technologies staff to manage your applications

  • Cost-effective management of specific applications with predictable costs

  • Smooth migration to new OS versions and system software

  • Your users with reliable operation of all applications around the clock           

 The results:

  •  More efficiency through optimized use of your IT environment

  •  Increased user productivity

  •  Your staff can focus on other strategic tasks   


 Signature Technologies offerings are available in four main areas:

 1. Application Support Services

  • Application updates/Release plan

  • Bug fixing/Error correction

  • Access to ServLine24

  • Request/Problem handling

  • Escalation management

  •  Functional enhancements

 2. Operation Management

All services for the operation of the application including  

  • Database administration

  • OS administration

  •  Installation of new patches and minor releases

  • Regular health checks of the application and underlying system software

 3. User Services                

  • User helpdesk for all requests around the application

  •  Application training for users, administrators on the  technical and business level

  • Technical online help for administrators and IT  experts requiring support at the technical level (Technical Customer Support)

 4. Hosting Services

  • Physical infrastructure, including climate control, site security and remote disaster recovery capabilities including Servers, Mainframe and other devices

  • Hardware and network structure

  • Connectivity to the Internet, extranet and intranet

 Application Service Managers

 An Application Services Manager is assigned to every customer to ensure the smooth operation of your projects. The assigned Application Service Manager assesses your current IS structure, prepares a detailed proposal, and then we prepare for transition. This includes optimizing the application on demand, monitoring the entire process of service delivery and regular service reporting



Signature Technologies continuously screens the newest technologies. We track, test and train to make sure that the latest standard software and components are used to speed up delivery and we design our customers' solutions to meet the requirements of the future.

Signature Technologies has entered into strategic partnerships with a number of leading technology vendors. The partnerships provide unique access to the latest technologies and they are therefore underpinning our business objectives.

Besides our major partners, a number of other technology vendors are considered important to Signature Technologies

Signature Technologies provide Services in the following areas of IT :

Web Based Solutions

Window Based Solutions