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About Us

Signature Technologies provides consultancy, development and operation of IT solutions. We provide services in application development and management outsourcing in areas such as client-server, Web and wireless technologies, integration solutions, data warehousing solutions, testing services, package services and managed services. Services are also offered in the areas of content development, knowledge solutions and e-Learning.

Signature Technologies follows global standards of software development processes. Our aspiration states our goals for the nearest future and is expressed in our mission, vision and values.

  • Mission: We are here to make a difference for our customers, deliver competitive business performance, and be a challenging place to work for the best people.
  • Vision: We will be among Asia’s leading IT service providers within Health and biotech industries and leading IT service providers to advanced private and public organizations.
  • Values:
  • To uphold the dignity of the individual.
  • To honor all commitments
  • Commitment to quality, innovation and growth in every endeavor
  • To be responsible corporate citizens
  • Come Share A Vision With Us
    We at Signature Technologies, welcome entrepreneurs and corporate and business houses to come and share their ideas with us.
    An idea is all everything we see around us, once was.
    And an idea is all it takes to make a beginning.
    Why not today, Why not now!

    Our Clients

    To meet the complexity and pace of development of new computing technologies, Signature Technologies has nurtured joint ventures and strategic partnerships with leading technology and IT services organizations. These partnerships are developed based on complementary IT strengths, proven business methodologies, domain expertise and enhanced channels provided by the partners. We believe that such relationships will make Signature Technologies a preferred choice among large multinational companies for delivery of software services on a multifunction, enterprise-wide and global basis.


    Cloud Migration Services

    Through Signature cloud migration services, we help you in digital transformation and making the move to cloud through the right strategy, roadmap, workflow model and ecosystem collaborations.

    We work with you to determine which approach works best for your organization – public, private or hybrid. As a part of our cloud migration consulting services, we take a customer-centric approach, pre-set templates and data analytics applications to ensure migrations take place in a smooth, effective and systematic way without any negative business impact.

    Signature’s 5 steps plan for effective cloud migration:

    As a part of our cloud infrastructure migration, we ensure smooth transition of business applications and data to leading cloud platforms Microsoft Azure, AWS, GCP, VMWare, IBM and other enterprise cloud solutions.
    Planned Strategy:
    Understand your organization’s adaptability to cloud services and the availability of applications that fit in the cloud.
    Infra Audit:
    Assess the capabilities of your existing infrastructure in line with the industry’s best practices in terms of security, scalability, automation, disaster recovery, automation, recovering ability etc.
    Architect Design:
    Gather existing resources and manage requirements to create supporting cloud architecture.
    Automation with industry’s proven cloud technology solutions form an integral part of cloud migration.
    Deployment and Testing:
    Deploy the new cloud environment, stage it and test it for its functionality, operational efficiency and scalability.

    Software Development Services

    We apply an interative software development process in which every solution is continuously evaluated and tested.

    In iterative development the customer is involved continuously throughout the project. In combination with the continuous evaluation and testing activities, error correction can be performed immediately and a more satisfying end product is developed for the benefit of the customer.

    Your software applications are fundamental to your business. They help you serve your customers, produce your products, conduct business with your partners, manage your resources, and account for your financials. Developing and maintaining your systems requires the right technical skills and resources to achieve your software application and business objectives.

    Your Software Application Resource

    We offer a full range of application development and maintenance services, including:

    • Full-phase software development of applications small and large

    • Comprehensive business requirements gathering

    • Application maintenance and support

    • Application development training

    Signature Technologies is a known, proven resource for high-profile assignments. We have a solid reputation in a wide range of information technology services, including internet, client/server and mainframe environments. Our technical skills cover multiple operating systems, the most widely-used development languages and the industry's leading databases.

    "They go the extra yard. They're vested in the outcome."

    Confidence You're Getting What You Need

    Our full spectrum of technology services are designed around excellence and results. In short, we ensure the delivery of the system you need when you expect it - seamlessly and across multiple platforms.

    We apply a set of best practices that increases the likelihood of your project's success. Our standard approach is to:

    • Assign a professional project manager to direct the activities of the development team

    • Work collaboratively to ensure scope and functionality meet your expectations

    • Follow proven methodologies to guide the development effort

    • Apply rigorous management oversight, including defined checkpoints, to keep the work on track.

    If you need help getting started, we offer methodology support services to coach your team in best practices and help them map out the path to success. We also provide additional skilled resources at the right time to round out your development team.

    We provide highly flexible approaches, from full project teams to pay-as-you-need-it services. We will build the system you need - the small, tactical program that fills today's need or the large, strategic application you need for tomorrow. We can provide options for on site delivery, off site or near shore. We work with you to determine what approach will best meet your needs.

    Professional IT Services

    Your organization's ability to accomplish work is often constrained by a lack of available resources or skills. You may suddenly have more work than people, but you don't have the budget or a long-term need to add staff. Or you may need a temporary capability that simply doesn't exist within your own organization.

    We provide skilled people to supplement your own resources and give you the extra capacity you need, from a single consultant for a few months to a team of consultants for a year:

    • Application architects
    • Data architects
    • Data modelers
    • Database developers
    • Designers
    • Developers

    Signature Technologies is a known, proven resource for high-profile assignments. We have a solid reputation in a wide range of client areas.

    "They help fill the gaps in our business."

    Signature Technologies consultants are talented people. We know your business. We are vested in the outcome of your business and know how to recognize the needs of your customers.

     We provide an excellent alternative to the costly proposition of hiring permanent staff.

    • extra capacity to accomplish your work
    • the flexibility to manage temporary fluctuations in your workload without the need to increase or decrease your full-time staff
    • access to hard-to-come-by, highly talented resources who bring you capability you may not have in your own organization

    ·         the benefit of the shared knowledge and experience of all of our people, who are connected together by our knowledge network and by our shared commitment to your success

    We also help organizations by providing right profiles based on there requirements for permanent placements.


    Signature Technologies firmly believes that outsourcing is based on strategic partnership.

    Outsourcing is the discipline of managing applications and information technologies for other companies. It may include transferring both your IT assets and IT staff.

    Outsourcing helps you balancing complex technology and human resources. It helps you optimising your resources.

    With Signature Technologies as a partner, your IT environment is in good hands. We operate large amounts of data every day and provide 24/7 operation, surveillance and support. All relevant back-up routines are in place along with high-class disaster recovery facilities. This gives you the highest possible security level.

    The level of outsourcing is adapted to your individual requirements. We offer both selective outsourcing and complete outsourcing of your entire IT portfolio.

    Application Management Services

    Let Signature Technologies free you to focus on your core business.

    • Are you spending too much time on day-to-day operations?

    • Would you like to become more efficient and effective?

    • Would you like to be more efficient at integrating new technologies?

    If you have applications, Application Management Services (AMS) from Signature Technologies can help you focus on your core business - by managing applications reliably and securely, making costs predictable and optimizing your IT investments. AMS includes consulting, technology, and operating services based on the Signature Technologies methodology and quality management.

    Signature Technologies Application Management Services provide:

    • Expert Signature Technologies staff to manage your applications

    • Cost-effective management of specific applications with predictable costs

    • Smooth migration to new OS versions and system software

    • Your users with reliable operation of all applications around the clock

    The results:

    • More efficiency through optimized use of your IT environment

    • Increased user productivity

    • Your staff can focus on other strategic tasks

    Signature Technologies offerings are available in four main areas:

    1. Application Support Services

    • Application updates/Release plan

    • Bug fixing/Error correction

    • Access to ServLine24

    • Request/Problem handling

    • Escalation management

    •  Functional enhancements

     2. Operation Management

    All services for the operation of the application including  

    • Database administration

    • OS administration

    •  Installation of new patches and minor releases

    • Regular health checks of the application and underlying system software

     3. User Services                

    • User helpdesk for all requests around the application

    •  Application training for users, administrators on the  technical and business level

    • Technical online help for administrators and IT  experts requiring support at the technical level (Technical Customer Support)

     4. Hosting Services

    • Physical infrastructure, including climate control, site security and remote disaster recovery capabilities including Servers, Mainframe and other devices

    • Hardware and network structure

    • Connectivity to the Internet, extranet and intranet

     Application Service Managers

     An Application Services Manager is assigned to every customer to ensure the smooth operation of your projects. The assigned Application Service Manager assesses your current IS structure, prepares a detailed proposal, and then we prepare for transition. This includes optimizing the application on demand, monitoring the entire process of service delivery and regular service reporting.


    Infrastructure Management Services

    As enterprises scale their IT infrastructure to support business growth, managing global networks, databases and applications becomes a Herculean task which can overwhelm internal resources.

    Signature Technologies provides comprehensive services to help organizations optimize critical IT staff. Our Infrastructure Management Services offer a complete portfolio of solutions and services for managing enterprise IT infrastructures.

    Highlights of our Infrastructure Management Service capabilities include: 

    Sophisticated, business-driven IT management solutions via Signatures professional services 24x7, automated, management capabilities that can be delivered anywhere, around the world.

    We have standardized processes, integrated architectures, and delivered significant cost savings in multiple project-based enterprise IT client relationships. Our domain expertise spans a diverse set of systems and technologies that comprise enterprise IT infrastructures of organizations.


    Proven Infrastructure Management Services

    When you choose Signature’s Infrastructure Management Services, critical IT staff can be focused on deploying new services or on revenue-generating initiatives. Whether we remotely manage some or all of day-to-day IT infrastructure operations – or deliver project-specific consulting, design, and implementation services – our expertise and service offerings ensure peak system performance and availability. You can choose remote managed services, professional services or a combination of both. 

    Signatures Infrastructure Management Service solutions enable clients to:

    1.  Reduce the total cost of IT operations

    2.  Focus limited IT resources on core business activities

    3.  Rationalize IT staffing costs

    4.  Optimize IT asset utilization

    5.  Facilitate service delivery

    6.  Improve uptime and system availability.

    End-to-End Infrastructure Management Services

    Our clients enjoy the business benefits of our strategic service components, which include:

    1. Professional Services for Planning and Building Infrastructures (covering assessment, design and implementation, migration, IT process consulting)

    2. Remote Managed Services for Running Infrastructures (covering monitoring, management, operations, service desk)

    3. Security Services for Protecting Infrastructures (covering implementation, application vulnerability, identity management).

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