Signature's values:

  • To uphold the dignity of the individual.

  • To honor all commitments

  • Commitment to quality, innovation and growth in every endeavor.

  • To be responsible corporate citizens


To meet the complexity and pace of development of new computing technologies, Signature Technologies has nurtured joint ventures and strategic partnerships with leading technology and IT services organizations. These partnerships are developed based on complementary IT strengths, proven business methodologies, domain expertise and enhanced channels provided by the partners. We believe that such relationships will make Signature Technologies a preferred choice among large multinational companies for delivery of software services on a multifunction, enterprise-wide and global basis.


Signature Technologies continuously screens the newest technologies. We track, test and train to make sure that the latest standard software and components are used to speed up delivery and we design our customers' solutions to meet the requirements of the future.

Signature Technologies has entered into strategic partnerships with a number of leading technology vendors. The partnerships provide unique access to the latest technologies and they are therefore underpinning our business objectives.

Besides our major partners, a number of other technology vendors are considered important to Signature Technologies

Signature Technologies provide Services in the following areas of IT :

Web Based Solutions

Window Based Solutions